Sunday, July 24, 2011

Until Further Notice- This Blog is the Shed Blog

This is our new shed. It was delivered Friday and I was all gung-ho to start demolishing the old shed. Only it was 110 degrees outside. I walked out, turned right around and walked back in again to huddle around the A/C.

Saturday was overcast. It was still a hunnert but with the cloud cover it felt almost winterish. Good enough to take down that old shed. It wasn't really tied to the ground anymore any way. You remember the shed from yesterday. In case you don't, that's it over there.

I pulled all this stuff out of the shed myself. Except for the heavy stuff. And the furniture. And the dry wall. But everything else!

This is what the shed looked like when I finally succumbed to heat stroke and died. Luckily, I resurrected beside my bedroom window A/C.

Going out to destroy more shed. Meanwhile you can visit my shop. It's air conditioned.

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