Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey Look! An Entry About Wire Wrapping!

Oh, the shed blog is not done by a long shot. Yesterday, however, instead of "noonish" like the Udumpit company told me on the phone, the dumpster arrived "7 pmish"-- to dark (and rainy) to get anything done. So instead of shed news, I bring you this look into my creative process and show why no one should be looking in there, it's messy and a little crazy.

It started out as a request for less pierced earrings on my site AND a single large focal bead. I couldn't make an earring out of one single bead so, a pin it will become.

A Godawful pin. Man, that's a lot of ugly. Why did I decided to wrap the wire after I was half way done? And that blue polka dot bead is not so pretty in its surroundings. In fact, the pin would look a thousand times better without the blue bead. Maybe I should try again.

Yes, that is better. Wrapped all the way up and down, jarring polka dot bead gone, metal beads flopping around on it's own wire for no practical reason whatsoever. Oh wait, I know why the metal beads are not attached. Because I want to show off the cheap plated brass underneath all the wire wrap! Or, more likely, I focused on doing the same pin as the first one but without the focal bead. Or, most likely, I wasn't thinking much at all.

Ah, that's better! My only question is: Why couldn't I have thought of this one first and saved myself all that time, trouble and supplies?

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