Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please. . . Can the Shed Get Done Today?

The men in my life can't get it up. WAKE UP YOU LAZY LUMPS! We've got to go to Home Demon and get 2X4s, screws, exterior paint, gravel and shelving. Daytime is a-wasting.

The obsessing, it hasn't stopped. It won't stop until the dang-gone shed is done and it kills me that I have to depend on other people. Other normal people who work, don't get a project under their skin and lose their minds because it isn't finished after more than a week. Yes, it kills me to have to depend on my family. I'm an awful person.

Take this as an abject lesson: Don't listen to me, never take my advice and pay no heed to a word I say.

One the jewelry front, I did manage to get a little mojo back and make a few. However, I was feeling rushed and didn't take as care and time as I should have. Handcrafted shouldn't be synonymous with crapcrafted.

Every link should be checked, burs un-burred and crimp tightly crimped. If I had followed my own advice, I would have noticed that the loop holding the rosette to the upper 'horseshoe' isn't closed. In fact, it's wide open. Imagine how embarrassing it would have been to sell that earring and have it fall apart the minute someone tried to wear it.

I also made these which are already up for sale, that's how uninventory I am these days.
These are fun and easy to make and may possibly be the next tutorial. Well not these earrings specifically, but this style. You should tell me if you's want that. All 3 of you.


  1. I like these. They are lovely.

    Would you like me to tell you 3 times?

  2. Yes. And put a mustache on so I don't know it's you.