Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another List of 5 Things

This time it's 5 Fun Craft Spots.

A Craftster’s saying: No tea cozies without irony. Other Craftster sayings: Measure twice, cut once. Meh, Just start cutting. Knit fast, die warm. At Craftster you can show off your stuff, ask questions about stuff, answer questions about stuff and other crafty-type stuffs.

Pictured, knitted newborn baby caps for when you are nursing in public. O.K., I added the "in public" part.

Pinterest is a fun place to check out other people’s craftiness. Totally hilarious is their gallery of ugly knitted stuff. Be careful, you can waste a lot of time surfing there.

Bad Art, Ugly Crafts a Flikr photostream that had me both horrified and amused. A great combination of feelings if there ever was one.

If the people at Craftster get you down, you can always try Craftzine. I like to browse their ‘Crafter’ section. People who are successful at crafting look about as idiosyncratic as you imagine.

Need Stormtrooper earrings? Look no further than Geek Crafts. They have a craft for every kind of geekatude there is. Plant V Zombies plushies? They got it. A fffffuuuuuuuuu pin? Right here.

You can also, at any time, whenever you like, invite others, even your enemies, to visit my Etsy Shop.

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