Monday, July 11, 2011

That Is Not Creating Jewelry

If people actually read this blog this entry might piss a few of them off. But I’ve been biting my tongue for forever about this and I can no longer hold back. You are not making jewelry. You are stacking ready-made beads on ready-made headpins and affixing a ready-made earwire. That is not creating, that is assembling, which is fine, really. If that’s how you like to pass the time, it’s much better than huffing paint or planking (seriously, WTF is wrong with people?) . But please don’t try to sell it to me for ten bucks when I can buy the kit at Oriental Trading. And they’re a buck apiece.

The only circumstance under which you should try to sell me your stack-on earrings is demonstrated in this picture:

By the way, Fire Mountain Gems has a much cooler kit, also for a buck.

Next up: People who make “wearable art” that is in no way, shape or form “wearable”.

The stuff in my Etsy does have purchased components, but I designed and wire wrapped them all myself.

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