Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tutorial Too. With Words That Don't Make Sense

If there are two things I've learned in the vast amount of knowledge I've gathered lo these 8 days of blogging, is that people like fireworks and tutorials (another thing I learned is that obsessively checking your stats does nothing to improve them). So I've combined them both into a super, colossal, two, two, two mints in one blog post-- a tutorial on how to make firework earrings.

These, to be exact.

There is a code to this tutorial. A cool kid code that only I know right now. But you'll be a cool kid too, after you read the Firework Earrings ingredient list.

Eight 4 or 5 inch long 24 gauge wire
Six 4 or 5 inch long 20 gauge wire
Two 10 inch long 18 gauge wire
ear wire (the ones I used are handmade but you can put in any kind you like)

Mind you, I shot this tutorial at about 2 in the morning, in bed and one-handed which explains the crappy pictures. And by 'one-handed' I mean one hand on the camera the other holding the piece. And by 'holding the piece' I mean holding the earring. Perv.

Damnit! I keep forgetting to beg people to visit my Etsy shop.

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