Thursday, June 30, 2011

And while your at it, get offa my lawn!

Katy Perry is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone were she sports Hershey Kiss Tits. I think it’s adorable. I kinda like Katy even though her song, Firework, is missing an ‘s’. Which is no where near as annoying as that song that was popular a while ago written by that girl who never read any Shakespeare. Because if she did she’d know that the only way for loverboy to be her Romeo is if he dies. And her too, for good measure. Stilll, at least Ms Swift isn’t flying around on a private plane not being able to speak English. How are girls ackin like they drunk? Do they all look like Bill the Cat? And yeah, I knew what a G6 was all along and didn’t have to ask my kids what it was. More than once.

My point is, the 4th of July is almost here and so I made firework earrings.

These'll be in my Etsy shop sooner or later. Come take a peek.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tutorials: Who needs words?

When I made these earrings here:

another wire wrapping friend of mine asked me how to make the knot. I explained thusly: You cut square wire about yay long, fold it in half with loop at the end, squeeze the legs together and then use your fingers to give them a little curve. Stick em together and pull 'em tight and finally curl the ends of the legs to lock it. Easy peasy!

My friend's side of this conversation was vague nodding and perhaps a little backing away. My helpful hand motions were not as helpful as I thought. So I went home, made another knot and took pictures while I did it.

The pictures in dramatic fade-away form

Those Knick Knots were sold quite some time ago but you can find other stuffs I made at my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How not to have a workspace that works for you.

When my husband and I bought our first house five years ago, one of the main selling points was that there was room for a "craft room" where I could be as crafty as I wanna. Here is that craft room 5 years later:

You will notice the lack of a proper table. What? You say you see a table? Ha! I've fooled you! What you think is a table is actually a piece of particle board resting on two plastic storage units. This makes the "table" too unsteady for all the shenanigans that go on on top of it and far too tall for my stubby little body.

Also missing, a proper chair. Oh sure, there is a plastic folding chair but from what I understand, sitting in a plastic folding chair for more than two hours at a time is against the Geneva Convention and was the essential enhanced interrogation technique used to finally nail Bin Laden.

Space? Nope, can't have any here. For this room is the holding cell for things that'll end up in the attic one day. The day after the joists are re-enforced and plywood is put down. . . But for now we'll store it in here, honey. You'll barely notice it's in there. The boxes will be way out of sight. Ah, come on baby, where else can I put the old furniture? You can store stuff in the furniture in the short time it'll be in this room. I swear I'll start work in the attic any day now. . ..

There is also no TV, no computer, no air circulation and no air conditioner.

I do all my wire work in my bed. The bookcase next to it that used to house hundreds of romance novels now holds supplies. Yeah, I said 'romance novels'. Why did I have a bookcase full of romance novels by my bedside? Because shut up, that's why.

My actual workspace:

Way on top are two wooden slabs that I lay across my lap. I see pictures of people on workbenches with bench pins and mounted mandrils and I cry bitter, jealous tears.

I did create these at my work station, so it's not too bad:

These guys will soon be available at PinkSlinkie's Etsy.

P.S. I did save a shelf on the bottom of the for my for romance.

Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Things To Do After You Get Fired

Exactly one week ago today, I was fired from a job I held for almost 12 years. Even now I'm not quite clear on why I was fired. It had something to do with my fat, arthritic, old, diabetic, anemic, sciatica-wracked self being potentially violent.At least that's the story my former boss will tell the Department of Labor. In reality it was a case of: don't make an enemy of your HR Lady.

All this unemployment I've experienced this past week has filled me with insight. It has shown me that there are five things that you MUST do after you get fired. Well, maybe MUST all capitalized like that is a bit much. Five things you must do. . . Nope, must is too pushy a word even uncapitalized. How 'bout: Five things you should do after you get fired. Yeah, no-- you shouldn't do these things at all, unless you really want to. It is list of five things I did after I got fired-- only not so much. I've only gotten to three of them. Aw hell, this is a list. A random list I pulled from the list making gland I have located between my gluteus and maximus:

1. Have ex-co-workers buy you lots and lots of beer.

2. Clean your house.

3. Make jewelry.

4. See if you can finagle a bit more sympathy and have ex-co-workers buy you more beer.

5. Start a blog.

Right now I am hard at work trying to make 2 and 4 happen. House and ex-co-workers have a tendency to stay dirty and not want to support your beer habit indefinitely.

On the jewelry front I do have this:

It is lovingly described by my son as 'slug-like'.

If you have a fervent wish to keep me in beer or would like to see other jewelry I've made, you can head on over to my Etsy shop.

There! Now I'm down with all the cool kids. I got an Etsy AND a blog.