Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tutorials: Who needs words?

When I made these earrings here:

another wire wrapping friend of mine asked me how to make the knot. I explained thusly: You cut square wire about yay long, fold it in half with loop at the end, squeeze the legs together and then use your fingers to give them a little curve. Stick em together and pull 'em tight and finally curl the ends of the legs to lock it. Easy peasy!

My friend's side of this conversation was vague nodding and perhaps a little backing away. My helpful hand motions were not as helpful as I thought. So I went home, made another knot and took pictures while I did it.

The pictures in dramatic fade-away form

Those Knick Knots were sold quite some time ago but you can find other stuffs I made at my Etsy shop.


  1. If you don't mind sharing - where do you get non-precious wire in that shape? Or are you using sterling?

    The place I buy most of my stuff from only sells square wire in precious metals. Beads and wires are just a hobby for me, so precious metals are too pricey to play with.

  2. Oooh that's a fun-looking site. Thanks!

    I buy most of my stuff from Fire Mountain.

  3. Oooh they have square, half-round, and triangular draw plates! I've never used a draw plate. I wonder how difficult they are to use...

    I'm really enjoying your jewelry posts, by the way. I get a lot of inspiration on what I can do from Fusion Beads and Fire Mountain Gems, but my original inspiration for starting this hobby was the pieces you posted on LiveJournal.

    I hope your Etsy shop takes off and you can become one of the jewelry artist success stories they profile on those sites.