Monday, May 27, 2013

Why I don't usually do jewelry for men

When an office birthday comes up and it's a guy, they usually get a key ring or a bookmark. This is because I cannot make manly-type jewelry. Which, to men, means no jewelry at all. Or, if you must, something not at all ornamental. Straight lines. Few embellishments. No curlicues. And, for Og's sake, no Swarvoski crystals! But I got to thinking. . ..

What's manlier than hammered copper? Like this:

You know what could be more manly? That same piece chased with some oxidation, that's what! But I haven't ever tried chasing yet (Next on the list of things I must learn. After I learn how to properly use a saw. Which will be right after never) and any copper I ever oxidized was not on purpose. So this is the second most manly thing that can be done with copper.

O.K., so now what? I've got leather and that's pretty manly. Unless we're talking about a leather pants and vest outfit. Which is pretty manly if you're aiming for other men to think you're manly, but we not talking about that right now. No, I've got manly leather cord to attach that manly piece of hammered and fired copper to. Very macho. Except, well, it feels unfinished.

If this was for a girl, I'd put jet crystals on either side of the copper panel. Or a pretty copper bead. But this isn't for a girl. If I had two skull charms, it could work but I only have one. Two straight, narrow copper strips? If I made the strips as narrow as I'd want them, there wouldn't be room for the holes. I think I'm gonna have to go with the manliest looking copper spacers I have.