Thursday, July 14, 2011

Millionaire Wish List

When I hit Lotto I'm gonna turn my craft/store room into a place where I can go and make jewelry and never ever come out. This would probably please my family except for I don't plan to put a kitchen in there. They'd all starve. Besides some basic work (like air conditioning. That room is stifling), I envision the workstation that dreams are made of.

Firstly, this maple John Frei Double banked workbench would fit perfectly. And, because I don't fuck around, that bench costs over a thousand dollars. For the record, you can get a perfectly serviceable workbench for less than half the price of my dream bench but, hey, I won the lottery!

Thenly, a table top photo kit like this one here. I especially like that black/white box. That's cool. Well, not really cool. Those lights will require that air conditioning I mentioned above.

Afterly, a kiln. I like this one. It's good for both clay metal and glass. Plus, it has a window. You gotta pay extra for the window.

Gripping-handly, there is this here double barreled tumbler kit for shining things up nice and pretty. I'd buy that for sure.

And why-the-hell-notly, a dapping set AND texture hammer with nine interchangable hammer heads.

Plus all the gold and silver wire, clay silver and gold, and experimental glass and resin crap my cash-flushed brain could think of. I'm not even thinking about boxes and beautiful artisan paper.

To take us out, how about this lovely pendant made with metal clay. I would so make my own findings if I ever got my hands on this stuff.

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