Friday, July 15, 2011

Full of Fail

Do you ever get an idea in your head and when you try to transfer the idea into reality, well, you just fail? Happens to me all the time. Here are a few of my crafty failures.

The idea: Braid silver, gold and brass wire and, like Outkast says in The Whole World, throw a shell in it. Sounds great!

The fail:

Up close, not too bad. A bit more fragile than I'd envisioned.

Ah, now it is clear. It is much more than 'a bit fragile'. Overworked wire turned brittle and snapped, braiding was all kinds of uneven and, from far away, it doesn't look braided at all.

The idea: Use a figure 8 knot link as a base for a bracelet.

The knot is held together by wrapping 26 gauge wire around the end.

The fail:

Hard to tell from the picture but. . . that bracelet is almost impossible to wear. There is very little movement between the links since they are pretty much tied together. That stiff shape you see is pretty much the stiff shape you get. Good luck putting your hand in it.

The idea: Post earrings. What could go wrong?

The fail:

Whose ear are those stubby little posts gonna fit through and reach the other side? They would be so non-fail if I could find someone with really, really, really skinny ears.

The idea: A white box with 'S' embellishments.

The fail:

If you're gonna use epoxy glue, make sure it is evenly mixed.

A good place to visit after one of my disasters is CraftFail. A fail blog for crafters. It's so full of fail it turns right around and explodes with win. Another good place to visit is my Etsy. Good for me, that is. And good for you too, if you like earrings.

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