Friday, July 29, 2011

Tutorial, Fourth In A Bold Series of One Handed Tutorials

There's nothing more to do on the shed until more materials arrive and I have been ordered to stop obsessing over it. Because when one is obsessing over something, the only thing one needs to do to stop obsessing is for someone else to tell them to stop. It's science. The reason why I'm mentioning my shed obsession is to explain the fingernails in this tutorial. Ripping apart a shed is dirty, dirty business.

All my other tutorials leave out the ear wire. You can buy them already made but making them is easy-peasy. You can also make all kinds of ear wires using this method. You can make the loop open instead of closed, you can use not round things for part that goes in the ear, you could slap a bead on it. . .

Believe me, my fingernails were quite clean when I made the jewelry for sale here.

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