Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random List of Things That Bother Me

Pictures of jewelry using flash.

Wire poking a hole in my thumb.

Wire poking a hole in my foot when I step out of bed.

The way my cat has to lay directly on top of whatever it is I'm reading at the moment.

The inability of a kitchen to stay clean for more than 10 minutes no matter how much time and attention devoted to scrubbing and cleaning it.

The idea that the conservation of information my not hold true. Damn you Stephan Hawking!

The price of turquoise.

Chewie doesn't get a medal. WTF Leia? I call racism.

Totally unrelated to my random list-- I have learned it is bad form to mention Katy Perry's Hershey Kiss Tits without some sort of visual marker. So here:

Almost forgot: Look at my Etsy shop! LOOK AT IT!!!

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