Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hey, being unemployed calls for MORE beer, not less

If there is one thing that I enjoy as much as I enjoy making jewelry and crafting in general is drinking beer. I'd be drinking beer right now if it wasn't 9:30 in the morning. Sure, this raspberry and cranberry juice I'm sipping is nice and all but a cranberry lambic would be even better. O.K., that lambic sentence is a lie. I don't like fruity beer. I don't even like citrus in my beer. I like my beer to taste very strongly of beer. Call me crazy.

Now that have been cut down to just a 3 income family (this is New York, you need at least 5 jobs to live in the fashion I would like to become accustomed to) some things gotta give. Since I cannot convince my family to do without electricity, gas or cable, the beer has to go. No more combining my two favorite things: beer and jewelry making.

Which reminds me of an episode of A Different World. It was after Lisa Bonet left to have her period all over Mickey Rourke, so the main character was Freddie. Freddie figured out that she could write a whole lot better after she had a few drinks. Convinced that alcohol is her muse, she gets fall down drunk and writes only to find that once she's sober, her drunk writing makes no sense.

There was so much wrong with that little morality play bought to us by Bill Cosby. For one thing: don't get fall down drunk. If you are so drunk that you can't speak, how in the hell are you going to write? For another thing: Sinbad is funny, damn it!

I have proof that you can be drunk and creative. My husband and I went to a black tie ball held at The Prospect Park Carousel. Hubby was driving and drinks were free. Inspired by all the rich people in tuxedos and high heel shoes stumbling about on the grass and a river of free drinks, I came home and made this:

The only problem with these drunk earrings that I can see is that I only made one before I fell asleep making these truly one of a kind earrings.

Whoa, look at the time. It's practically 11:30 now. Another hour or so and it beer won't seem anywhere near as unseemly! So have a beer and check out my Etsy.

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