Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Brainstorm That Turned Out To Be A Fart

As I've mentioned, I've seen a lot of bad photos of fellow crafter's wares. Many times, these photos were presented to me in an album. Because my fellow crafters may not be good photographers but they are smart enough to have a handy-dandy catalog they can whip out at the slightest provocation. I had no such thing. Even though I can take a decent picture, I was too dumb to realize I should have my own damned catalog.

Then, one day last week, an epiphany: I, too, should have a catalog. Only it wouldn't be bad pictures in a photo album. No-- it would be nice pictures in a handmade scrapbook! Pure genius! So I set upon this task and after two days of laying out page designs, cutting paper, lettering and embellishing I had 7 pages of a pretty cute scrapbook. That's right. Two days of work and I wasn't even half-way done. Plus a lot of resources went into those pages with no way of reproducing them easily and cheaply. Waitaminit! I got another idea! I could cut down on some of the cost by lettering the pages on the pictures in the computer.

Two seconds of writing on the picture in my computer's photo application and I realized how much time I had wasted. Sure, I can't get the layered scrapbook look but, this is what I ended up with using only the photo application that came with my computer:

Not too bad, no? Easily reproducible and made in ten minutes. If I can think of a way to present them that does not include taking them to a printer or just stuffing them in a photo album, I'm golden.

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