Friday, July 22, 2011

There Is No Tutorial Here, Only Misery

Last night I was going to make an earwire tutorial but it was so hot my fingers melted. Well, my fingers didn't melt, but my will to live did. Add to this fact that there is shit in my water and the town has advised us not to drink it unless it has been boiled, reducing me to drinking beer at 6:30 in the morning. While beer in the morning does have the benefit of rebuilding my will to live, it does nothing for my ability to make a tutorial.

Not only is there no tutorial today, there may not be any blog entries this weekend. The reason is that not too long ago this was my shed.
A mighty wind blew it over and the only thing keeping it from blowing through the neighborhood wreaking destruction, killing and maiming was the mulberry trees pinning it down. Today a new shed is coming. It's a Rubbermaid resin shed that is supposedly easy to construct. We also have plywood coming. That's supposed to be used to replace some of the rotting shed floor.

Now, here's the thing: Me and my family, we're city folk. About as city as folk get. I'm from The Bronx, hubby is from Harlem and the kids were raised in Brooklyn. Throw us in the middle of a gunfight and we'll know exactly how to stay alive. Give us a shed to build and, well, I don't know what'll happen but there will probably be a gunfight long before a shed gets built.

So. . . no tutorial until the shed gets done. Please pray for my family.

Don't forget to visit my shop. You could buy something and keep me in beer. Lovely, lovely beer. Mmmmmm.

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