Monday, October 31, 2011

I Feel Like Pamela Anderson After Her Last Surgery.

Deflated. I was all geared up for my first outside fair and it snowed. SNOWED. Record-breaking snow. If I believed in omens I'd chuck my wire and pliers and find a call center to drain my soul into while I make a dollar. Good thing I'm a skeptic.

Still, I'm disappointed and a little depressed. Which means I'm not working much. Especially since Hubby is home. If he stays home from work, I stay home from work too. It's not anything he does or says, I just don't do anything when he's home. Not even write in my blog. Except for this entry to say that I'm not making any entries.

Oh wait, some good jewelry making news. Those big bling earrings I was making on commission-- I put them in a fancy box I made (but didn't get a picture of the box-- dang it) and presented it as the most expensive thing I ever sold. Which is not saying much, since I've been told repeatedly that I sell too cheap. Reason number 1328128 of why I'm a terrible salesperson: I am uncomfortable charging people money.

I asked for $30 and felt sure that she wouldn't pay that much. Who'd wanna pay thirty bucks for what I make (See? I am getting better. I didn't say 'for the crap I make')? The client (feels weird calling her that but that's what she is) said, "Oh, I get to keep the box?! These are perfect for my niece to wear to the black and white. Now make me another pair for me. Even MORE bling!"

The extra bling earrings were started on on Friday. And then Saturday came and popped my balloon and I haven't done a thing since. And things gotta be done, believe you me! I've got a whole 'nother crop of boxes and trinkets to take pictures of, a repair job that's languishing, that dresser isn't going to chop itself down and the earrings are not going to list themselves on my Etsy and neither will the boxes and trinkets on Artfire.

What I should be doing is jumping right back on that horse and looking for another big fair. There are big ones in November. After that things get very quiet until the end of March.

Right now I'm feeling like jewelry is stupid. Stupid, stupid jewelry. You know how I know jewelry is stupid? Because I have pictures to prove it.

That last pair? I'll be making those for clients soon, I'm sure.

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