Friday, October 28, 2011

The More They Change, The More They Stay The Same

Prospects for the Fall Festival are looking even worst than they were yesterday. Predictions are now 100% chance of rain and highs in the low 40s. Even if the tent gets delivered today, it isn't built to withstand rain. I'm afraid I may have wasted my time and money. Sigh.

Project Doom is a bit stalled. I'm down to one box (yay!) but it's the box with books. The idea I had was to remove the non-working drawers in the dresser, cut away the drawer supports and store the books there. There are two problems with that plan: 1) Where am I gonna store the drawers? At least the face of them. I'm not throwing out perfectly good wood. To prove I'm not a hoarder, I'll throw away the cardboard bottoms but the face-- come on, that's good stuff! 2) I am just a little hesitant about taking the chainsaw to the dresser. I don't know why. It seems so destructive and wrong.

Another thing holding up Project Doom is the table. This would be the biggest woodworking project I've ever attempted and would love the help of the chop saw. But I am hesitant to ask The Boy. Oh, he'll probably balk but screw him, he'll bring the saw upstairs or live to regret it. What is really bothering me is-- this is inside the house. I would never, ever think of doing this inside an apartment, the landlord would have a fit. Now that I'm my own landlord, I feel like a part of me is having a fit. "You can't have all these dangerous cutting tools inside! You'll lose your deposit!"

Must also remember, if cutting the shelves for the storage closet was any indication, I'm gonna need earplugs.

And now for something totally different: I took it into my head to make ear cuffs. What do you think?

I think the silver cuff is too small. I did shaped it around a pen but the flanges were too short(I like that word 'flanges'. I'm sure it's not the word that fits here but, hey, "flanges"). The gold ones aren't shaped around anything. I just curled them at the corners but it had much longer flanges. Experimentation is needed before I can sell ear cuffs.

Where would I put them? In the Etsy with all the earrings or in a box on Artfire?

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