Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Island of Misfit Trinkets

Once I was very into mosaic. I made a shitload of mosaic boxes. Each of my children has a large one with their initials tiled in. Hubby has a purely decorative box he keeps his electric nose-hair clipper on. And, when and if the craft room ever gets finished, you'll see all the mosaic'ed things I have laying about. I had to stop making them. I didn't know what to do with them.

At the center of this heart-shaped box lies all the misfit jewelry. Pieces that, for one very good reason or another not so very good reason, are misfits. They sit here and wait for Santa to come by and give meaning to their misfit lives.

Take these blue post earrings. Aren't they lovely to look at? They think they're lovely too and would love to jump onto any appreciative girl's (or boy's-- I don't judge) ears. But look closely. Look at how short those posts are. Perhaps I have really fat earlobes but I could not wear them. Neither could anybody who'd be interested in buying them. Unless there is that one person who has searched and searched the whole wide world looking for post earrings that would fit their emaciated ears.

Big, thick guy doesn't know why he's stuck on the Island of Misfit Trinkets. Nothing wrong with him, he'd argue. Except that he's too busy and tarnished. Hanging out all those years at the bookcase so full of himself and all his beads, stones, doodads, wires and whatnot has turned him and turned him bad. I suppose I could try to rehabilitate him. Polish him up a bit and find him a home. But nah. He's too busy for that.

This guy is an experiment in square nickel and, honestly, I just don't like him. He's flimsier than he should be and not as symmetrical as I prefer. He's just plain ugly. Sorry, Nickel Squared.

She is the first of the real misfits. She did not fit into the box intended for her. I do not have a box that she will fit in. I don't even have one on order. I think she's lovely in her unbalanced way. Maybe I'll find someplace to stick her. Until then she lives with the rest of the misfits.

This doll pissed me off. She was not the design I was trying to make. How dare she not turn out the way I planned? The nerve! She'll probably end up in a pill box once I get more but, until then, she lives with the misfits for being wrong.

Another misfit misfit. Did not fit in the box he was made for. Which angered me because he was not so easy to make. Not that all the other things I make are super simple and easy. Well, some are. But most take some time and effort. But this guy-- he took far too much time and an undue amount of effort. I do have in my possession a box that he will fit in. It is being done up as we speak-- so to speak.

A simple band. Too simple. In fact, if you look closely, you can see the tiny ring that once had something attached to it. The attachment did not work out well at all and had to be removed. It was successfully placed on another ring. Now this ring sits all alone and unadorned in the Isle of the Misfits.

Ah ha! That's where the attachment went! And went quite well, if I can say so myself. This lovely lady is not happy in the heart-shaped box of misfits. She doesn't belong here and she knows it. However, until such a time that my order of boxes shows up, she'll have to cool her heels here since she does not fit anywhere else.

You'll probably see some of these in Pinkslinkie's Artfire Studio. You will most likely not find the earrings at Pinkslinkie's Etsy shop.

Project Doom report: one box down, four to go!

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