Monday, October 10, 2011

I Don't Have To Come To Grips With The Fact That Nobody Wants My Wares.

Sold enough earrings to cover all the beer and food (no free samples for us) but not enough to cover that plus the table. So people want my wares, but I still have to say goodbye to Astoria Market.

Astoria Market did show me the fickle finger of success. The same vendor as last time was to my right. Last market she made table and a little extra while I sold nothing. This week, we sorta switched places. The poor dear didn't sell a thing. On my left were new people. They sold sockpuppets made with real socks. They were the most adorable things ever. Very eye-catching, which meant the few people who passed by did stop. The puppetmasters complained that Astoria was not their type of market. They usually sold on the streets on the upper west side of Manhattan where no one batted an eyelash at having to pay $35 for a puppet. They were not used to people balking when they found out the price.

The foot traffic is far too low and slow. So slow vendors would just get up and leave their tables without fear of neither theft nor losing a sale. It has been said that Astoria picks up in November. We may be back then. We may also be back long before then but that would be to hang out in the Beer Garden and order the mixed grill, not to sell.

Hubby is encouraging me to do the more expensive tables run by the 'big name' fair organizers. The thing is, if I don't make table with one of those guys, I'll be out a bit more money. Plus-- outside. I don't have a tent and I'll have to re-apply for a tax ID number, since you cannot do outdoor craft sales in NYS without one. There's also jury review. My fellow vendors tell my my table is very nice and I don't have to worry about that. Still, I worry about that. I'm going to go for the Rockville Centre 10th Annual Fall Festival Oct 29 & 30th.

Here's hoping the lead up to Christmas will put a little cash in my pocket.

And now for the I-wonder-what-happened-when-they-got-home portion of the blog. A potential customer was at our table with her husband/boyfriend/rich brother. She was enchanted with the Creamsicle box and ring. She cooed over the box, took the ring out, turned the ring over in her hands, put the ring on her finger-- all the while nudging and eyeing her guy. "Look at how cute!" she finally squealed to him, "It's only ten dollars!"

He gave her the stink-eye without even answering. Her change from flirty to stone-cold was instantaneous. "That's one," she intoned as she put the ring back and walked away.

"I hope the couch is comfy," Hubby whispers to me he watches boyfriend follow behind.

Creamsicle Box will be up shortly at my Artfire Studio. All the earrings sold at the Market have been removed from my Etsy Shop, so you missed your chance at them.

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