Friday, October 21, 2011

Such a Misnomer, Project Doom

Things are going swimmingly with Project Doom. Here's photographic proof!

Look how nice and neat that is. The middle guy hold mosaic glass. These were originally held in plastic shopping bags tied closed. Now they're loose in these little plastic drawers where-- and this is important -- I can see them. Sea glass, glass sheets and tiles. So lovely and almost forgotten in their plastic bag prisons.

Now, this may sound a little crazy but, you see that dresser? the bottom three drawers do not close properly at all and the cheap bottoms have bowed and cracked. My plan for the dresser is to remove the bottom drawers, cut away the supports for them and leave an open space. I need that open space because. . .

. . . I have two boxes of stuff that still needs to be put away and that bottom box is nothing but books. There's a lot of books in there. Some have a hole drilled through the middle. These are to become a lamp one day. One far off day. Way in the future. But most of the books are to remain books and not turned into planters or light-sabers or whatever. These can be arranged nicely in the hole formed by removing the drawers from the dresser. Whaddaya think of that?

This is the Untable. It is a big, heavy piece of particle board resting on cheap discount store plastic shelves. It is not very stable. If you put any pressure on it it wobbles from side to side. It is also too tall to sit at comfortably and work. To tall for me, anyways. If I was 6'3" it would probably be perfect but seeing has how I'm about a foot shorter than that. . . well, when I sit in front of it, the work surface is chest high. I still work at it. In fact there are 3 different projects going on in that picture. Handy tip: beer bottles are perfect little box holders when spray painting.

The good news is: I've got the lumber to make this a proper table that I could actually sit at. And hammer stuff without fear of collapse. That's the next phase of Project Doom. The bad news: It's gonna have to be built inside the room. There's no way I could carry the fully made table into the room. It would not fit on the stairs.

Finally there's this. The sad, sad evidence of my crafting addiction. Except for the big brown wooden set of drawers, I made everything on top of the dresser. Boxes and mosaics up the wazoo. And this is only the stuff I couldn't find a use for or give away. Waitaminit-- that's not entirely true. The hat box holds long forgotten pictures. Which Hubby has informed me I must put in a photo album since "you do that kind of thing". Well no, I don't do scrapbooks but, yeah, I'll see if I can't think of something better for the photos than being forgotten in a hat box.

If I can find plate holders I'd put some of those flat decorative mosaics on the decorative wall shelves that flank the window.

And there you have it folks. Project Doom as it stands today. Two more boxes to empty and phase one is done. Plus, the lumber for phase two should be bought upstairs. Oh, and, let's not forget to take a chainsaw to the dresser. That oughta be fun!

Don't forget! Projects done on The Untable can be found both in my Artfire studio and also at my Etsy shop.

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