Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Is Your Last Chance, Astoria Market.

Hubby has once again O.K.'d another trip to the Astoria Market at Bohemian Hall. Even though we sold only a few trinkets the first time and absolutely none the second, I am not surprised he agreed to this third one. There are a few reasons.

1. This is the only time we get to hang out. Sure it's work but it's also fun. The other vendors are a gas and there's beer, live music and good food. Any local sports game can be watched on the bar's giant screen TV. We have paid far more to be entertained far less.

2. It's the last day of Oktoberfest. Promotions galore, give-aways, free beer tastings and many more live bands. Hopefully this will generate much more of a crowd than the last two times.

3.After some crafty snooping (which involved asking other vendors questions straight out) I learned that Astoria Market is not even a year old yet. The first market day was last November. Everyone looks back fondly on those days, reminiscing about the large crowds and all the money they made. They also talk about how the crowds still came, although a little lessened, all the way until-- you guessed it -- the last two market days. The days that I was there.

I wanna look back fondly on crowds and tons of money too.

4. I either sell something or come to grips with the fact that nobody wants my wares. But really, who wouldn't want a box with a bracelet in it? Nobody wouldn't, that's who! And let me tell ya, I associate with nothing but nobodies!

This box will soon be available at my Artfire Studio where nobody is invited. Except you. If you want earrings without boxes my Etsy Shop will be more to nobody's liking.

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