Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today is Necklaces.

I know that I have at least one reader who likes tutorials. So here are some easy necklaces.

  1. Make a necklace using a bobby pin, ingenious!

  2. Chunky simplicity.

  3. I could not make this one as it involves a sewing machine. I hem my pants with tape.

  4. No wire but no sewing machine either, plus decoupage!
  5. This woman is also a photographer, so her pictures are beautiful.

There were a few tutorials that I didn't post because they used glue. Now, I'm no purist and if people wanna glue their wire wrapped stuff together, more power to them. I think that if I make something it should hold itself together and using glue would be a cheat. This is, however, my own foible. Perhaps I'll get over it one day when a slipknot just won't stay put.

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