Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Doom Proceeds at a Pace Heretofore Unimaginable

Maybe third time really is the charm. Or it could be the not working thing. Whatever the reason, I am not throwing up my hands in frustration but am actually making progress. If I remember correctly (and I don't. I had to look back in the blog for what I wrote less than a week ago) I gave myself three weeks to throw away garbage, put up shelves and empty the boxes.

I have thrown away the garbage and finished the shelves in less than a week. I hate to jinx things but, damn, things are moving along nicely. I must confess, however, that the 'throw away garbage' part isn't really done. This is because, in the end, whatever doesn't fit in the ample storage in this room must go.

Right side before.

Right side today.

I'm thinking of giving up seedling growing. It takes up space that I don't really have and, honestly, my success rate is less than 50% for a from seed to winter plant. We'll see when February comes and I'm struck with When Will This Friggin Winter End! disease.

Left side number one before.

Left side Behind the Music.

Left side today.

You can see the former wardrobe now storage cabinet in the corner. There is no more behind-the-dresser pics because the dresser is against the wall and not standing in the middle of the room to make it easy for people to throw things behind it without a care in the world-- I'm looking at you, mirror.

Now the fun part-- putting stuff away.

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