Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Sillies.

I've been having what I call "patch dreams". I quit smoking for the second time. And instead of relapsing like I did the first time I quit, whenever I feel like I could really use a cigarette, I slap on a nicotine patch. The patches make for some of the best dreams ever. I think they should be made into movies or TV shows. Some of my favorites:

1. Twilight President.
During the last presidential elections, I dreamed that Obama had mesmerized the electorate with his secret vampire abilities. He tried to personally mesmerized me but couldn't. He didn't realize my first name was Michele. It was impossible for him to use his powers over women named Michele. But he didn't need to mesmerize me. I explained that he could win the election with the power of his policies alone. His vampire skills were unneeded.

This would be the perfect vehicle for Disney to jump on the vampire bandwagon.

2. Trapped In The Museum.
I so dreamed this long before Night In The Museum. Me and a girlfriend where in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. We knew the museum was closing but we were too engrossed in an exhibit that displayed found pottery shards at different famous construction sites in Brooklyn (there is no exhibit like that. I dreamed it up) to care.

And then the museum closed. The doors in and out of each exhibit locked and the only way me and Meanie could get out of the museum was to solve the mystery of each room between us and the outside door. Each room had it's demon to deal with. The pottery room held the ghost of all the dead of turn of the century babies that drank dirty water from the pottery.

This movie can still me made. It could be sold as a Night In The Museum/Da'Vinci Code mash up.

3.Iceball Earth

Last night I watched this movie in my dream. It was about how humans had fucked up the Earth so bad, we made a new ice age, this one was so bad the whole world was covered in ice. Humans lived under the ice in domes. The humans would have liked to build domes on the surface of the ice, but aliens had decided that humans were pests and had set up an automatic roach spray satellites that encircled the Earth. Whenever a human colony tried to surface, it would get sprayed with raid.

In one of these underground domed biospheres that was trying to break out onto the surface, lived Cybil Shepard, an airhead receptionist. Jack Black loved her from afar. Now that the colony was going to surface and probably be roach-sprayed to death, he found the courage to ask her out.

At one point they try to make out in puffy spacesuits with goldfish bowl type space helmets. It's a Sci-Fi Rom-Com.

I know people who don't like to have vivid dreams. These people are crazy. Where else can you be chased by an stone Egyptian asp and live to tell about it?

This entry has absolutely nothing to do with my Etsy shop. Nor is my Artfire studio mentioned in anyway whatsoever. I thought I'd mention that.

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