Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I've Gotten Over Myself

Hubby's back to work and so am I. No more feeling sorry for myself-- today. I reserve the right to get back on the pity-train whenever the mood strikes me. I'll try not to ride it too long. I took a three day ride this time so I had a lot of things to get done.

Hofstra was the one fair that I was scared of. The promoters make sure every fair is well run, well organized, well attended, all papers must be in order and jury reviewed-- obviously not for a chump like me! And I needed a tent, which I didn't have until this Saturday. Well, guess what. November 27th starts the Holiday Indoor season. I've sent my application for the first two days along with my set up picture. Fingers crossed! The tent? Won't leave its box until next March at the very earliest.

Got those pictures done and, lemme tell ya, it was an ordeal. I do have a small light box set up on the dining room table but natural light makes for the best pictures. Even a cloudy day outside is better than all three of my little photograph lights going at once. So I trudged outside with my stuff, wearing flip-floppy slippers, knee-length shorts and a short sleeved shirt-- where it was very cold and windy. I damn near froze my tetas off. They are now sitting in my hard drive waiting for post production work. The pictures, not the tetas.

Started work on the Even More Bling earrings last night. Only, the more I worked on them, the more I didn't like them. Even if I put crystals on the attaching wires, I'm still not sure I'm gonna like it. What don't I like about it? It's just not solid enough, know what I mean? Of course you don't, you don't live in my head. If you did you'd know there's another Extra Bling design floating around in there.

I have failed to take chainsaw to dresser and I do not foresee when I will gather up the nerve to do so. Project Doom is living up to its name. I do not know why I lack the nerve to chainsaw the dresser. It seems like such a reckless and destructive thing to do. I should be trying to fix the dresser since it's a perfectly good dresser except for the fact that the bottom drawers don't close. . .. How obvious is it that I grew up in a family not blessed with a whole lot of money?

Also accomplished: writing in my blog and linking to my Artfire studio and my Etsy shop.

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