Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Macabre

This is a warning. Do not continue. Instead, go to church and pray to the deity of your choosing. There is no art here. No craft. No wire, jewelry, decoupage boxes or handiwork, unless you include the handiwork of demons. Below lies only nightmares.

Here-- a barrier of cuteness. Something to hold back the horror of what will follow.

That's it. Your last warning. Your last chance to look away. LOOK AWAY! NOW!

O.K., if you're still here that means you think you are ready for what is coming. You are wrong but willing. Here we are then. A gallery of
Hairless Mammals!!!!!

First up is Jambo. He is a hairless chimpanzee with gigantic balls.

He reminds me of the men who work at Belmont Park near my home. Compact little men who look like they could kick your ass even though they'd have to jump up to punch you in the face.

Apparently, all aardvarks are born this way:

Which is why they are rarely seen. Mother Nature likes to hide her shame.

What is this?

The surgical remains of a frontal lobotomy? No, it is a hairless bat. First, it's a bat and that is bad enough. But then it has the nerve to be hairless. WTF, bat?

Did you ever wish you could personally run down that damned raccoon that keeps rummaging through your garbage with a Humvee?

Now get into that Humvee and flee. FLEE!!!!

It's not like bears aren't scary as all get out what with their gigantic claws and chompy teeth. Remove their hair however. . .

And now you have the Souldrinker: Guardian of the Gates of Hell.

Well, that's all for today. Remember at my Artfire studio and Etsy shop there are no hairless mammals.

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