Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another One Handed Tutorial

Chain, beads, head pins. . . I've got the makings of a brooch-- if I only had a safety pin.

Me: Hubby, do you know if we have any safety pins?
Hubby: Me man! Mucho testosteroni. Know not of this saf. . .tee. . . pin of which you speak!

Which was strange coming from a guy who is fastidious about his clothes and does all of the sewing because he cannot stomach having his pants hem held up with tape or staples, my two go-to pants hem materials.

Well, if hubby doesn't know of any safety pins, that means we have no safety pins. I guess I'll just have to wing it. Here is a one handed tutorial of my own quick fashioned safety pins.

I made two brooches with my homemade safety pins. One that needs a bit more work to get it just right and one that came out just like I planned form the get go. Look how pretty:

That pretty pin will soon be in my Artfire Studio in a pill box. Perhaps in a week or two. Also I'm putting up a brand new pair of earrings Here's a preview:

The earrings are going up in a few hours. Get 'em while they're hot!

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