Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Sunday! Must Be Surreal Clown Day.

Only weirdness happens on Sunday, I've noticed that. Today is no different. In order to commence the weirdness, a confession. My Photobucket has a scary clown folder that I add to sporadically. Today was the first time I've added new pictures since forever. What kind of clowns do I collect? Well, scary ones for sure but also just plain surreal and weird ones.

Ronald McDonald features in a few. This one here is my favorite because you know what? That kid probably needed a good bitch-slap.

Ever wonder what a clown made up of naked women would look like? Well, wonder no more!

Bart: Can't sleep. Clown'll eat my penis.

What I imagine a clown penis would look like.

This entry has absolutely nothing to do with jewelry, crafting, boxes, decoupage, painting or sanity. If you are looking for one of those things, they can be found on at my Etsy shop or perhaps at my Arftfire Studio.

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