Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I'll Never Make It Big Selling Jewelry

There are trends. Trendy trends that if you hop on, you'll move a lot of stuff. I can spot a trend and I always, inevitably hate it. Probably because all my taste is in my mouth. Also, I'm old and new ideas scare me.

Take Pandora beads. Fire Mountain has had a much cheaper version of these called Dione add-a-bead system. This "system" hit me directly on my that's-not-really-making-jewelry button. Like the jewelry-maker made all the components for a lovely bracelet then got lazy. "Here's some stretchy string and some beads, you assemble it. I'm tired."

Then I got one as a gift for my birthday. Soon after that they showed up at craft shows selling for beaucoup bucks. Now they're sold --already assembled-- at Kay Jewelers where every kiss begins with a $1000 purchase.

My daughter, who lives with me and knows what I do at home all day long, went and bought herself some feather extension earrings. When they came in the mail, she opened them up right in front of me and put them on. When she saw my heartbroken face she said, "These earrings are not your style" and she was right. Not that I wouldn't have made her some. For free. Still, did I jump on the hair extension earring bandwagon? Of course not! That would mean spending more money on supplies for making earrings I didn't like. Plus there was that whole my-daughter-broke-my-heart thing going against it. And now look. Even Steven Tyler is looking silly in feather hair extension earrings.

You'll find neither Pandoras nor Hair extension jewelry at my Artfire studio nor my Etsy shop.

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