Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Shouldn't Want To Murder People

Went to see the site of the gift fairs on November 27th and December 4th. It is a flea market. Hubby says it looks like the Crenshaw Swap Meet, like I know what that is (it's a swap meet in Crenshaw, as my husband patiently explained to me)and it is a lovely place to shop. This I found out after I left Alan, who remembered me as the girl who can't add. And, as it always goes when I try to make money selling my stuff, I spent money instead. To be fair to myself, I wasn't selling stuff. Just arranging to sell stuff at a later date.

But, come on! I got 2 Queen sized sheet sets which includes fitted, flat and four pillow cases-- for 30 bucks! And, at another store, 4 serial romances for .77. Hubby got $40 worth of cologne. He takes pride in smelling good. Oh, we also got a 37" flat screen for the bedroom. This should make me happy as we have been without TV in the bedroom since our old one stopped working about 2 months ago. And I am happy to have a TV in the bedroom again. Especially since we got it so cheap at PC Richards.

Do you remember the craft room I cleaned out? I was doing my painting and woodworking in there. I was quite pleased with myself for clearing out that space and was making a date with my son to work on making myself a work table. I told people that that room was not a garbage dump or a storage room. Apparently, people don't care what I say because the old TV and the new TV box now block the entrance to the craft room.

This TV isn't a flat screened lightweight. No, this is a much older TV. It used to be in our living room 15 or so years ago. It is gigantic and it is very, very heavy. It is in the way of the door so it can't be closed. To enter the room, you must both squeeze by and vault over. Since I am the only one who enters this room, this is not a problem for the people who put it there.

Remember also how I said I needed to make me a coat hangeruperthingy for my entrance hall? Of course you don't but pretend you do. This project includes a fair amount of woodworking and painting. Every time I have to paint on the bed or sand in the living room it makes me that. much. angrier.

Junk day is Thursday. That TV better be out of the craft room by Wednesday night or I am shoving it right down the stairs. I am not even kidding.


  1. It would probably feel really good to shove the TV down the stairs. But just think who will probably have to clean up the pieces later. Did you ever finish putting up the new shed? You could have your son and husband move it there. Well, you'd probably wind up doing it yourself, but at least it would be out of the way.

  2. The TV is too heavy for me to lift by myself and the reason it ended up in the craft room is because people are too lazy to carry it down the stairs.

    Oh, the TV is going down the stairs Wednesday night one way or the other.