Monday, August 1, 2011

Yet Another List of Five Six Things.

For a while there, I was blocked. I could only stare at my wire and wonder why it was mocking me. Clearly, some inspiration was needed. I know, how 'bout looking at beautiful things? That'll work and even if it doesn't, hey, you've looked at a lot of beautiful things. Without further ado, seven photography sites with fantastic pictures!

Gas Pillars in the Eagle Nebula (M16): Pillars of Creation in a Star-Forming Region
Source: Hubblesite has all the pictures taken by the Hubble Space Space Telescope. Hubble will soon be replaced by Webb, a more advanced space telescope. Can you imagine even more spectacular pictures?

Smashing Magazine has many, many galleries of great pictures. This one is called Really Stunning Pictures and Photos.

50 Most Beautiful Trees gathered from Deviant Art. Makes me want to make tree-of-life earrings. Just gotta figure out how to make them a little more lightweight.

Hypnosis 40 Beautiful Black and White Photos. Not only is it a beautiful photograph, it's a beautiful photograph of an Art Nouveau staircase. My next List of Things is gonna be on Art Nouveau.

Head On VancouverExamples of beautiful aerial photography So lovely it'll give you vertigo.

Beautiful volcanoes. These may be my favorites. So powerful and destructive but, damn, they're gorgeous.

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