Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jewelry That Makes A Statement

And that statement is: I'm nucking futz! Jewelry so hip and avant garde that it has come back around to what-the-fucking-fuck?!

This is an, um, thing by Burcu Buyukunal. She sells a lot of face distorting jewelry. Why? Because look at the art, people!

Perhaps being foreign and having a weird looking name somehow forces you to make jewelry only the insane would wear. Imme van der Haak proudly takes credit for these and many more just like these. I'd wear what the guy is wearing when my allergies act up. It's more elegant than the a piece of tissue stuck up there. Also, I'm insane.

Not only is his jewelry made from sea monsters, Dominic Jone's website is perfect if you are a gay man into snot. If you are not, it is totally useless. This site shows and sells Dominic's nightmares.

Margaux Lange makes jewelry out of disemboweled Barbie and Ken dolls. Truth be told, I kinda like them. Especially these molten nipples:

This last one does not have a maker. I found it on a shopping site for the next best thing. The only thing I would change about it is instead of it being a pendant on a chain, I'd make it a belt buckle.

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