Thursday, August 4, 2011

Know What I Love? Art Nouveau!

There's something so rounded, lovely and satisfying about the Art Nouveau style. Art Deco is nice too but it's like the art world removed Art Nouveau's heart and inserted a calculator. This entry is nothing but an excuse to post pictures of beautiful Art Nouveau.

One cannot talk about the beauty of Art Nouveau without mentioning Victor Horta. He was the Belgian architect who is credited with bringing Art Nouveau into structures. I could fill ten blogs with his works but this staircase is my favorite. If I were to find myself ascending this staircase, I'd think I'd died and was on my way to heaven. I should find a smaller pic. Nah. This wonderful staircase deserves an oversized pic.

Alphonse Mucha was quite fond of women with long flowing hair with lots of flowers all around. I think he touched himself a lot while painting.

This brooch was made by metalsmith William Hair Haseler, who went by W.H. Haseler as would you if your middle name was 'Hair'. He's British and his stuff can be found at The Victoria & Albert Museum. I have mentioned this place before.

In the U.S., Tiffany became famous largely on the strength of its Art Nouveau works. Their famous lamps are in the style.

This is from France from about 1900. Dreamy.

So far I've got girls, curves and dragonflies. An entry on Art Nouveau cannot be complete without flowers.


  1. I love Mucha. I was just looking around for some prints by him the other day.

  2. Does your shower curtain have a winsome girl with flowing hair and a billowy frock?