Monday, August 22, 2011

The Display Thingy is Halfway Done And I'm Still Outpouring Earrings

Today I have to take the hike to the post office, take more pictures of my finished objects and continue work on my display thingy. Let's break that down.

There are no mailboxes in my hamlet. None (I looked it up on the USPS website). In order to send my orders out, I must walk the 1.4 miles (.7 miles one way. I looked it up on Google maps) to and from the post office. This is a good thing as I am a fat lump of ugly looking for an excuse to turn into Jabba the Hut (I looked it up at a local mirror). I would make me happy both financially and physically if I had to take that walk every day, twice a day, since it is the only thing resembling exercise I do at any time.

Now that Etsy changed how its search function works (going for relevancy instead of recency), I'm no longer bound to two entries a day at noon and 5pm Eastern time. This also means I have to change the way I name my jewelry, since the search picks up much of its relevancy from the item title. This has totally cramped my style as my naming conventions have absolutely nothing to do with the jewelry being named. I have, however, come up with what I think may be a happy medium. We shall see.

The fun part (read:power tool part) of constructing the Display Thingy is over. I now have to put on work gloves and grapple with chicken wire. What'll happen is, I'll not put on work gloves (I can't stand wearing gloves. I can't feel anything) and bleed all over the damn display. This is O.K. as this will give the Display Thingy mystic blood powers that will mesmerize fair-goers into offering me more money than what is written on the jewelry. It'll be like the movie Like Water for Chocolate, only there'll be no eating or setting houses on fire.

Today's pic is an Art Nouveau pin by Gaston Lafitte. He made jewelry in the late 19th and early 20th century. Unlike me. I make jewelry now.


  1. This is my new guilty pleasure at work. Thanks I love your blog!!! Dee.

  2. Welcome Dee! Join my vast audience of 3 readers. If I'm not careful, I'll have a horde of 5!