Friday, August 26, 2011

Today Is Hurricane Preparedness Day

It was supposed to be Finish The Display Thingy Day but that is also going into the shed. Along with the patio furniture, tools, wood and grills. I hope it all fits as our new shed is smaller than our old shed. I believe the flower pots and garbage cans will come into the house.

The reason why we had to replace the shed was because in another storm (it wasn't even a hurricane) it blew over. The only thing that kept it from blowing down the street like a gigantic, lethal tumbleweed were the mulberries it was wedged against. Flashfoward to today where there are 4 seven inch bolts The Boy insisted on buying because "the shed needs them, the instructions clearly has a spot for them" laying on the dining room table. Yeup, they never got installed. Hopefully, the weight of all the crap in the shed will be enough to keep it on it's foundation. The old shed was full too, but it didn't actually come off its foundation. It was so old it had rusted away at the bottom.

How terrible a person does it make me to hope that Irene squarely hits the coast way south of me so's that all we get is undamaging wind and unflooding rains?

An earthquake and a hurricane in the same week. All we need are some fires and landslides and we can be California. One place we'll never be: Hawaii. There will be none of this:

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