Friday, August 12, 2011

Useless Jewelry

I have seen the intersection of art and jewelry and it is pretty much useless. More than a year ago I read an article by a jeweler who decided that her jewelry should make an artistic statement and whoever wore her jewelry would be a walking endorsement of art. I do not remember this artist's name and it's a good thing too. Imagine her doing a Google vanity search and finding me badmouthing her in my blog. Ha ha! Like it's not only the 4 of us reading here.

Photobucket These are five of her rings. You can wear her pieces of art only if you have no need to use the finger it is perched on.

This is by Alexander Calder, a famous jeweler who has had shows at MoMA. I can name him because he's been dead a while. Now, don't get me wrong, he has made some very beautiful jewelry. Even stuff that can be worn. But the only place this necklace can be comfortably worn would be at the opening of a Calder exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art.

This earring is also by Calder. Perfect for entertaining infants laying in your lap.

Photobucket The maker of this necklace insists the barbed metal is quite comfortable. The welts on the collarbone are a physical manifestation of the wearer's inability to appreciate art. O.K., she didn't say that last sentence.

At last (and lastly) a ring for the Mafia enforcer who can appreciate modern art while teaching you a lesson about being a snitch at the same time.

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