Monday, August 8, 2011

The Shednanagins Continue

The foundation was the hard part. So hard it took 2 weeks. I gotta confess, I didn't have much to do with the construction of the shed. I laid down some gravel and cut a few 2 x 4. My fellas did all of this work. They did it verrrryyyy sloooowwllllyyyy. They were also quite disdainful of some stupid girl trying to build something. Oh sure, the stupid girl could destruct a whole metal shed all by herself but constructing a snap together plastic one-- out of her league.

Which, except for how long this is taking, is fine with me. You know what? I'm fine with how long it's taking them also. Because once they're done building the shed, this awaits me:

The wreck that is my backyard. Now, I wonder where you can get those snap in shelves for the resin sheds. . ..

P.S. No I'm not really fine with how long this is taking. I would very much like to put that shed together myself when the guys are gone. Two things are stopping me: One, it's a two man job. One to hold and one to snap and screw. And two, the guys would only bitch and moan and call me a control freak. Of course I'm a control freak, I'm the Queen of Sheeeba!

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