Saturday, August 27, 2011

Boring Time

Yesterday was spent battening down the hatches. Today: slept in. Watched TV. Stayed in the A/C. Did not want to come downstairs to write this because it is a sauna in my house with all the windows closed in this humidity.

It's far to early to be battened down, I think. The eye is supposed to pass over exactly my spot of Long Island tomorrow afternoon. Why am I getting robo-calls from the county commissioner to stay indoors now? There's a lot of hype involved in this hurricane. Here's hoping it's the usual media shitstirring.

Mandatory evacuations a couple of miles away. That's unheard of. A few hours south there are downed trees and power outages. The only thing I want flowing in this house is power and not water.

I should make a bunch of jewelry now. I'll open up a special Etsy storefront called Irene: Here she was, rock these earrings like a hurricane!

And the picture of the day:

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