Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Made A Mistake.

I got my druzies and they are beautiful! I could not wait to make something out of them and so I didn't. I wanted to make something as fancy as the stones were lovely and so this elaborate (to me, anway) pendant came to mind. The idea was to frame the stone in prettiness.

What I ended up doing was overwhelming the stone in too much frou-frou, making the druzy look as if it is broken instead of crystalline. I now have a much better pendant design in mind. Much simpler and a whole lot more easier to make, yet I believe it will suit the stone better. Only, as I said, a lot of work went into making this one and it's gonna kill me to take it apart. I think I'll wait until I get more square nickel wire. It may be a while before that'll happen, so I'll enjoy my handiwork until then.

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  1. Can you remove the stone without distorting the wrap? I think this would be gorgeous with an abalone cabachon.

    1. I suppose I could but the replacement stone would have to be the exact same size. Or very, very close to it.