Monday, March 26, 2012

Got My Mind on My Copper and My Copper on My Mind

Just so you know, I have all the pictures taken for the One Handed Tutorial for the Adjustable Bling Ring. Let me bring down all expectations and say: It's not very good. Let me also go on and crank up the anticipation: I have not actually put it together into a slideshow yet. This is because I don't wanna. I wanna go play with my copper. I had a vision last night. O.K., not a vision. Well, yeah, it was a vision! I envisioned me fusing two different types of copper rings using my cheap kitchen mini torch.

Fusing metal should use flux to keep the metal from being disfigured by the fire. I have no flux. It should also be done on a firing block. I have no firing block. What I do have is a nice slate chunk exactly like the one that can be seen in many of my pictures. Only this piece of rock isn't oiled up all shiny. When I moved into my house, the backyard came already equipped with many pieces of broken up slate. I think it will do nicely. If it doesn't, my next post will be from the burned out shell of my house.

With that in mind, let me leave you with a dramatic angle shot of the final product of the One Handed Tutorial that would be filling this entry if I wasn't lazy and distracted. Note the slab of slate it sits on.

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