Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Sillies- World Politicians, Shirtless

Yesterday the world was graced with that great beam of whiteness shinning unto the Lord, Rick Santorum, sunbathing. And I thought he wanted to outlaw porn. Though, I must admit, he isn't that bad for a 53 year old guy in desperate need of a little sunbathing.

His opponent for the presidential nomination, Mitt Romney, is much less doughy and, thanks to a manly coat of dark hair, less blindingly white. Looks like Mitt wins the barrel-chested contest.

Waitaminute! Hold on to that trophy! Russian president Vlad Putin joins the contest and unexpectedly snatches the barrel-chested victory. And not so unexpectedly, snatches the fish-belly white trophy too.

Our current President didn't even enter the Fish-belly contest and didn't place in the barrel-chested competition. But he runs away with the Six-Pack belt, hands down.

Did you think I'd forget Newt? No, I didn't but right about now you're wishing I had, aren't you?

There may be a stray man or two who stumbled unknowingly into my blog or women who like tits, so I present you former Italian parliamentarian Ilona Staller. Before the Gulf War started, she famously offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein for peace. She is no longer a parliamentarian but I believe she still may be a porn star.


  1. I never get tired of seeing Barry without his shirt. Or listening to him sing that one line of Al Green.

    1. It's good to know that after these almost four tumultuous years the president is still so in love with me and whatever I want to do is alright with him.