Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Metal Is Here. Excuse Me While I Go Mental.

The 26 gauge, 12 by 12 sheet is a bit thicker than I thought it would be. Next time I'll get 30 gauge. I'm all excited! The problem now is that I have no copper colored copper wire. I've got plenty of "craft" wire which is usually either copper or brass with a coating of silver or gold coloring. That's O.K., I can start working on the sheet etal elements of the bracelet that have been floating in my head right now.

Just getting the metal released the dumb block in my head. Lemme tell you, it's very, very annoying when I get something stuck in my brain and it gets so large I can't see around it. It's because it's warped. My brain is. Pretty warped. Warped, it is. I got the package in hand, opened it and while I held the copper sheet, I thought of some pendants I could make-- not with the copper sheets. After weeks of obsessing over the stupid copper sheet ideas.

Regular sized pendant:

Mini pendants:

I'm off to my craft room to mess with some copper sheets. Don't nobody bother me for a while. Thanks.

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