Thursday, March 1, 2012

Remember When. . .

I said I was going to rip up the carpet on my stairs? I did the hallway leading to the stairs in less than a day then took two weeks to do the first step on the stair? After that epic struggle I gave up. My biggest problem was improper tools. I was using a box cutter and it wasn't cutting it-- literally.

Day before yesterday I bought myself a carpet knife. I am happy to report I've done the second stair in two days instead of two weeks. It is still a struggle, just not epic. You would not believe all the places were a carpet can be stapled to a stair. The carpet on the risers have no foam padding beneath and are stapled directly into the the stair necessitating the use of crowbars and brute strength, of which I posses only part. You'd think a girl as big and fat as I am could knock out a horse. Not so. My upper body strength is probably on par with a kitten. A sick kitten. A sick kitten with no legs. And pneumonia. And leukemia. It's a wonder that I can lift my arms to comb my hair.

The good news is that instead of taking over two years to pull up the carpet, it'll be done in only 8 months! Go me!

And now, a picture of a beautiful purple sunset.

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