Friday, September 16, 2011

Yay For The Comforter!

Last night Hubby pulled the comforter out of the closet and we snuggled. So different than the summer when, if Hubby accidentally in his sleep unconsciously threw an arm around me, I'd yell, "Don't touch me! I'm melting!" Because I'm such a loving wife.

What does that have to do with crafting? Nothing except I may get the backyard back. Lemme tell ya, it ain't easy trying to put frames together in a bedroom on a bed. Plus, nobody likes sleeping with sawdust. I can ignore the haunted lob-sided shed, the five foot tall overturned tree stump and the smashed fence-- mostly. But I cannot ignore the waves of bloodsucking MFers that not even citronella candles can disperse. The last time I was out there I spent more time smacking my legs than woodworking. When I got back into the house, my legs were covered in blood and black gunk, I apparently caught quite a few of those evil disease vectors right in the middle of eating me alive. I looked like I was hit by shrapnel.

Finally, today's wire wrapping piece that is not-yet-on-my-Etsy-but-hey-click-here-to-check-it-out-anyways is this here anhkross. Kinda Christian, kinda hieroglyphicy.

Welp, gotta cut this short. Must get screws. Confession time: my woodworking skills are pretty hit or miss.

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