Monday, September 12, 2011

Didja Miss Me?

See, what had happened was. . . hubby was on vacation. Which means I'm on vacation too. I didn't mean to be on vacation but somebody had to keep him company as he laid about doing nothing.

I didn't do absolutely nothing. I did get a tax ID and a vendor's license. A vendor's license is needed in my state in order to do outdoor craft shows and flea markets. I also ordered more business cards. These will be needed if I'm going to change my prices.

What didn't get done: Any jewelry making; spreadsheet filling out; display thingy building; and, of course, blog posts.

About changing my prices-- I don't wanna do it. I know I have to do it in order to have a chance at a real going concern, but I just don't wanna. I am cheap. I look at some of these pieces of jewelry on sale and think "They have got to be kidding!" Only they are not kidding. And I won't be, either.

Another thing I need to get a handle on: How to take pictures of jewelry that isn't earrings. I have a bracelet, multiple bracelet/earring combos, and two necklaces (one is an earring combo) that I could put up on my Etsy ( My Etsy. Take a look. Buy something before the prices go up. They will go up. Eventually. I swear.) but haven't because I have no idea how to take a nice picture of them.

In not-crafty news. I begged hubby for a puppy. He says "No way, Josefina!" We've got two cats and they make enough mess that this lazy family barely deals with. So I say, "How 'bout an aquarium?" And hubby is cool with that. So. . . what should I put in the aquarium? My choices are:

A Chilean Rose Hair Tranantula.

A Striped Knee Tarantula.

Or an Anole Lizard.

Please don't tell hubby what I plan to put in the aquarium. Nor my daughter. If she found out, we may not get her back into the house. When we first moved into the house, the backyard was filled with junk. As we were moving a pile of rotted lumber and iron weights (don't ask me, I had just moved in), we uncovered a teeny, tiny garter snake. I mean this guy barely made it out of the worm sized category. And he was kinda cute. My daughter ran screaming until she was hoarse and did not go back into the yard until there was snow on the ground We moved here in the month of July.

So, um, jewelry. I should make some. I should take some pictures of some. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow and so will I.

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