Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kinda Precious: Carnelion and Amazonite

Using rubies and emeralds is nice and all-- at least I think it would be nice and all -- but budget constraints limit the amount of precious stones I can buy to exactly zero. But that doesn't mean I have to limit myself to plastic, resin and glass. Don't get me wrong, resin and glass can be beautiful (screw plastic. It always looks cheap) but there is something about a gemstone that's just. . . sensually gorgeous. And if you go the semi-precious route, you won't have to slash the pockets of Hasidim diamond dealers in the middle of Times Square in the middle of the day in the middle of the street (I saw this happening once with my very eyes).

Take carnelian, for example. These can be bought for as little as 6 dollars for a strand of 8mm rounds. I find it beautiful and interesting. I have seen it in a solid caramel red color but I think the variegated type is more visually interesting.

That's a carnelion at the bottom of these long drops. Of course it isn't an 8mm round but it was still plenty affordable.

Amazonite is always blue and I have a particular liking to it. Early on in my jewelry making experience I bought a strand of square amazonite and made the first pair of earrings that I thought worthy of showing off to friends and family. They were so nice my daughter and niece fought over who would have them.

Here are amazonite squares in a pair of earrings. Not the fought over ones. Those a long gone.

And on a totally out of left field note, I feel compelled to say that I did, in fact, work on the inventory spreadsheet yesterday. I figure if I do at least a page a day, it'll get done in ten days. As opposed to doing no pages a day whereupon I can drive myself insane with guilt for all eternity. Also done yesterday, work on the mini-display things.

P.S., you can find the earrings pictured above for sale at my Etsy shop. Get 'em while they're cheap.

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