Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One-Handed Tutorial: Endless Series Update

There has got to be a better way. These one-handed tutorials made on my bed (I'm telling you-- mattress + ass = fusion. It'll happen one day) in terrible light make for some god-awful tutorials. Plus, I never remember to spruce up my stubby fingers and grubby fingernails. That's before even mentioning the fact that when I get into a groove when making something, I forget to take pictures for the garshdanged tutorial! That's right. The very reason why I'm making the piece of jewelry is for a tutorial and I can't even remember the most important step in the 'tutor' part. I end up taking apart something to do it over again.

The above is to show the pain that I go through for you, dear reader. Notice the singular? That's because I know there's at least one of you out there. Hey, if you don't mind, lemme practice on you a bit for Sunday, since it's only you and me here. We'll get to the tutorial, I promise.

Hi! How are you? Do you see me smiling pleasantly? Yes, yes- I made this tutorial all by myself. You say you want to copy it? Why? It's freaking terrible. There are other Tree of Life tutorials out there made by people who know what they are doing with nice manicures and unstubby fingers and clean fingernails. WTF is wrong with you anyway? Oh BTW, wanna buy some crap at my Etsy shop?

Hookay, gonna need more work on my people skills. Maybe start right off with a pitcher of beer. Beer makes me friendlier. Now, why are we here again? Oh yeah, the Tree of Life pendant tutorial. Tree of Lifes are nice because they're pretty simple and straight forward but can look really fancy once they're done. The one in the tutorial doesn't look fancy at all. It was the best I could do one-handed.

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