Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soon The Mattress Will Be Fused To My Ass

In order to avoid the cursed old Indian burial ground that is my backyard, I have moved all display thingy operations inside and onto my bed. You would think that woodworking would be impossible to do in bed. You would be wrong. With today's modern marvels like portable, handheld power tools and lazy, old fat women anything is possible.

Work on the display thingies came to a screeching halt when, after I drilled the pilot holes, I could not find a chuck to fit the screws. This problem was not solved until my son came home, looked at the collection of crap on my bed and said, "Hey, here's the bit for the Phillips screw." If the preceding makes no sense to you, I'm happy because that means you have no clue as to how monumentally stupid I am. If you understood my day-long brain fart, I'll give you a few moments to stop laughing at me.

Since I was in the throes of mental numbness and couldn't work on the display thingies, I made rings instead. They're to go into the boxes I'm making. The box the rings are sitting on top of in the picture will not make the cut as the epoxy I used to glue the adornments on turned an ugly color. And it was a very cool box, too. The lesson I learned: use clear drying mosaic glue. The rings, by the way, are not on my Etsy. That doesn't mean you shouldn't visit it.

The boxes and rings should make it to Astoria Market since they have invited me back. Astoria Market invited me back, not the rings (damned free floating pronouns). Like I reported when it happened, I had fun at the craft show but didn't make any money. I didn't lose any money, but I didn't make any either. When I mentioned the re-invite to Hubby, he excitedly said (well, as excitedly as Hubby ever gets) we should do it again. This surprised me at first. But as I thought about it I realized that this craft show was as close to hanging out as me and Hubby have gotten since I lost my job.

We used to hang out twice a month. The Nautical Mile, Loki's, South Street Seaport-- hell, even Buster & Dave's. However, without my job every single dime of our disposable income disappeared. At Astoria Market we met new people, socialized with the other vendors, drank very good beer and ate some delicious bar food-- all for free! Well, not for free. We had to pay for the beer and food but the jewelry I sold made up for it.

What I mean is, if you're in Astoria on September 25th, come by and say 'Hi'.

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