Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back In The Swing

Vacation is over. For me, anyway. Yesterday I got supplies for the mini display thingies and stayed up 'til 5 am making boxes and jewelry to go in them. Lookit.

Closed box:

Opened box-- Surprise Jesus!:

Today the plan is to get Hubby to fire up the grill sso we can keep each other company as I work on the display thingies and he makes us all delicious food. It'll be fun. Or it would be fun if our backyard wasn't a cursed mosquito filled old Indian burial ground. Did I tell you? Yesterday (yes yesterday ! When was Irene?) the men came to remove the tree. And they did. Except for the part of the tree that's IN MY YARD! Yeah, we paid them and they cut down the tree all the way to the uprooted part. The part that's pushing over the mishuginah shed and crushing our fence. When he got to that part he said that he needs machinery to do it and the machinery wouldn't fit so. . . good luck with that gigantic tree stump! And then he left.

Not on the to-do list: Finishing up the spreadsheet. Because I just don't wanna. It's all in a notebook anyways. Who needs modern technology? Well, I do but I'm too lazy to make it work. I'll just have to re-adjusted it when I raise the prices at my Etsy shop. Where the prices are still low, low, low, low, low.

Anyone who wanted to add Playworld! at the end of the last sentence, here's a video just for you.

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